The Great Door of Las Ventas, the Doorway to Eternal Glory.

Las Ventas Bullring, is considered by professionals, amateurs and critics as the most important Bullring in the world, the Bullfighting Cathedral. For its entrance it has 18 exterior access doors and 4 main ones that face the ring. But of all of them, there is only one that becomes a threshold to eternal glory, we are talking about The Great Door.

Design and architecture

It was designed by the architect José Espeliú with the well-known Neomudéjar style. Its design corresponds to a large horseshoe-shaped arch built with typical abstract brick shapes that cover the entire square. Its location gives way to Calle de Alcalá, the most famous in Madrid.

DVD 550 (12-04-12) Reportaje de cerámica en Madrid. Plaza de Toros de las Ventas. © Samuel Sánchez

Why is it so important for a bullfighter to go out the Great Door?

In addition to its imposing architecture, La Puerta Grande owes its relevance for being the symbol of the greatest moment of glory that a “Matador” can receive. Going to the shoulders and opening the Puerta Grande de las Ventas is what bullfighters dream of, achieving it means entering the History of Bullfighting and that their name appears reflected on the walls of the square. But this door only opens when the right hand cuts a minimum of two ears during the celebration, trophies achieved by the public’s recognition and the maximum authority of the run. What is a conjunction of great effort, a polished technique, personality and of course entrust to their gods to request a good task.

What bullfighters have come more shoulders on the Great door?

Here is the Top 5 of the right-handed people who have managed to rise with glory, and leave surrounded by people in a party ritual by the Great Door of Las Ventas
The bullfighter who has left shoulders most times through the Puerta Grande has been the Salamanca Santiago Martín “El Viti”, specifically 14 times.
They are followed in number Paco Camino, “the wise child of Camas” with 12
Antonio Bienvenida, with 11 exits on his shoulders.
Andrés Vázquez with 10
Francisco Ruiz Miguel again with 10 outings.
Said by the bullfighters themselves «Going out the great door in the Plaza de Madrid is as if you touch the sky»

If you are visiting Madrid, the Plaza de Toros de Las Ventas is a stop that you cannot miss.

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