How do you train a bullfighter? What do you think before jumping into the ring? Or simply, imagine what it feels like to take the alternative in Las Ventas?

In Las Ventas Tour we always try to make the experience of our visitors in a Bullring as realistic as possible. For that reason, now we put at your disposal Dramatized Visits with which to live bullfighting will be much easier.

It is an exciting, didactic and realistic experience of the bullfighting world, getting to know what its main  protagonist thinks and how they train: the matador performance is run by an experimented guide, specialized in performance.

A unique experience that includes an interpretation of a bullfighter, training in the Arena before its presentation in Madrid. Between cape passes we find a bullfighter in the ring. Based on the classic courage of those who prepare to face their debut, he explains all the curiosities of the profession while delighting us with her good work with the capote and the crutch, and then follow the group during the rest of the visit, answering the questions and sharing anecdotes.

With dramatized visits we will make your visit with Las Ventas Tour as educational as it is fun. A unique experience specially designed for groups.

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