How do you train a bullfighter? What do you think before jumping into the ring? Or simply, imagine what it feels like to take the alternative in Las Ventas?

In Las Ventas Tour we always try to make the experience of our visitors in a Bullring as realistic as possible. For that reason, now we put at your disposal Dramatized Visits with which to live bullfighting will be much easier.

It is an exciting, didactic and realistic experience of the bullfighting party, putting us in the shoes of its 3 protagonists: bullfighter, bull and surgeon. The performances run by the actress Gracia Iglesias, specialized in performance and with training in the Bullfighting School of Madrid.


A unique experience that includes 3 interpretations:

  • The bullfighter before taking the alternative, between cape passes we find a bullfighter in the ring. Based on the classic courage of those who prepare to face their debut, she explains all the curiosities of the profession while delighting us with her good work with the capote and the crutch.
  • The bull, the great protagonist of the party, his mysticism takes us back to the origin and the why of bullfighting. During this interpretation we try to let the visitor be captivated by the magic of those who feel the call of bullfighting. An indispensable role to understand the Fiesta and its repercussion in the Spanish culture.
  • The surgeon, not everything is magic in a bullring. There are catches, injuries, unexpected accidents, therefore, the role of the medical team is so important. At this point we will know which are the most common problems, the great ones that have been suffered in this Bullring and also the miracles.

With dramatized visits we will make your visit with Las Ventas Tour as educational as it is fun. A unique experience specially designed for groups.

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  • From 11 to 20 pax € 25.00 / pax
  • More than 20 pax 19.00 € / pax
  • Schoolchildren (groups of more than 20 pax) € 15.00 / pax

More information and bookings:
Email: info@lasventastour.com