The Chapel: the most hidden and secret place of Las Ventas Bullring

In Las Ventas Tour we wanted to dedicate this article to the most significant places to all the bullfighters that pass through Las Ventas Bullring.

This is where the reality finds accommodation between the divine and the mystical: This is the chapel, place of worship for all bullfighters.

To Be in Chapel (estar en capilla)
In Spanish, being in chapel represents the image of one who prepares oneself in mind and mind, very concentrated and isolated from everything around him, before facing a challenge or a test. Waiting for its fate.
This phrase comes from a tradition of the old University of Salamanca, in which the PhD students, the day before defending their thesis before the court, should be locked up during a whole day in the chapel of Santa Barbara. There they should ask the Holy Spirit for enlightenment and prepare in complete solitude.
If this tradition is transferred to the Chapel of Las Ventas, we will understand this site, loaded of particularity, as a sacred space where the bullfighter, due to the confrontation with the death, look for a last minute of silence, of inner search and
entrust their beliefs. This custom is that this ritual is the previous instance before going out into the ring.  It is a total act of intimacy, of concentration that is ultimately transformed into a prayer to request a good Faena and leave the arena in triumph through the Great Door.

This historic place of worship, is preserved in a Mexican baroque style and chaired by a painting of the Virgen de la Paloma, patron of the city of Madrid and next to this one, the image of the Virgin of Guadalupe, patron of Mexico, a country with a strong tradition of bullfighting. Inside you can also find a multitude of prints that were left by the bullfighters themselves who passed by.
A curious fact is that the chapel is attached to the infirmary by a small back door which connects to a very short corridor, this gives a powerful symbolic load to the place. They are 2 opposite stays and a passage that no bullfighter wants to travel into if the bullfight becomes a tragedy.

In 2014 The Las Ventas chapel was restored, it was carried out through the Affairs Center of Bullfighting belonging to the Ministry of Presidency and Justice and Government Spokesman of the Madrid’s community. With this repair work it was able to restore its original state.
Although the restoration was integral, the main works focused particularly on the roof, the wooden slats that were in poor condition were also replaced and it was completed  with a complete paint finish throughout this sacred site.

In its beginnings The Chapel was a secret enclosure, of impossible desecration for those who did not
dressed with a suit of  lights. Currently with our guided tour you will have the possibility to discover it, with the maximum respect.
Such a special place full of mysticism.

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