Las Ventas Bullring is considered the most important Bullring in the world, the Cathedral of the bullfighting world, the place where all the figures want to succeed.

Las Ventas is also the most demanding place in the world. Few get the absolute triumph, go out by its Main Gate or Triumph Gate.

The Triumph Gate of Las Ventas

Going out on the shoulders of the Triumph Gate of any Arena is the greatest reward for a bullfighter.
In Madrid, this door opens when the matador cuts a minimum of two ears during the celebration, trophies achieved by the recognition of the public and the highest authority of the corrida before a good job.
Fewer than 100 bullfighters have managed to leave through this Gate.


The bullfighting season

It starts at the end of March and ends in mid-October. During those months a total of more than 70 festivities are celebrated, normally every Sunday (except in Summer when it takes place on Thursdays), except for the two great annual fairs.
The most important Fair that is celebrated at Las Ventas bullring is the one of San Isidro, patron of Madrid, in which there are 30 festivities during the months of May-June.

For more information on schedules and fares, see the website www.las-ventas.com