The Bullfighting Museum of Madrid is located in the Patio de Caballos in an emblematic section of the building and with a collection that offers a clear and harmonious vision of the history of bullfighting in Spain. Among its works are engravings of the bullfighting of Goya, dressed as bullfighters of the twentieth century, a section dedicated exclusively to Manolete and a huge sample of the testimonies of Las Ventas.

The Bullfighting Attire

Do you know where the phrase “tie up the males” comes from? During your visit to the Museum you will get to know it, as well as contemplating the authentic wonders of the Bullfighting tailoring: costumes that belonged to Marcial Lalanda, Joselito, Belmonte, Bienvenida, and many other figures … stories, legends and the most unknown aspects of the essence of the costume of lights.

Capotes and other Legend Objects

On our tour we will have the opportunity to see ride hoods and other jewelry of the Museum: the one that belonged to Bombita, Luis Manzzaniti, one that wore Belmonte or even a striking cloak of Domingo Ortega ride embroidered in purple flowers and gold and with the figure of the Nazarene. You can also see other curious objects such as, for example, rapiers and funnels, monteras, “moñas”, scissors, canes or banderillas, which are part of the history of bullfighting.

Bullfighting Posters

During our visit we admired the important collection of bullfighting posters, among which we can highlight the one that announced the inaugural bullfight of the Las Ventas bullring on June 17, 1931, or those that illustrated the posters of several extraordinary charity bullfights.

Bulls Heads

 The Museum also has some of the most significant bull heads in the history of bullfighting, especially the bull “Perdigón, from the livestock of Don Antonio Miura, who mortally wounded Manuel García” el Espartero •, on May 27, 1894 in the bullring of Madrid, or that of the bull “Burlero” that fatally wounded the right-hander José Cubero “Yiyo”.

Immersive Room

The Bullfighting Museum of the bullring of Las Ventas has the only Immersive Room that exists in a bullring in Spain. A space with 8 projections and the latest technology in audiovisual media, where visitors can transport themselves through images and sounds to different spaces related to the bullfighting world.

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