Los tendidos y el Palco Real

The Stands

A panoramic tour from the stands, which will make you understand the complex development of a bullfight and the impressive spectrum of the public and staff that accumulate around the ring.

La Puerta Grande

The Door of Triumph

The Puerta Grande or Door of Triumph tells the story of las Ventas bullring. The place that all bullfighters dream of leaving on the shoulders of the best fans in the world.

El ruedo

The Ring

Where the important things happen. The place where the bull and the bullfighter are face to face. The sand that is stained with blood, takes its true role. Blood and Sand. Of the bull or the bullfighter … From the same ring or from the alley, you will also discover the different doors and phases …

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Plano de los Tendidos

The Royal Tribune

You will enjoy the view of the Royal Tribune, which delimits the areas of Sun and Shade of the bullring. On his left side, the presidency of the bullring. “If the authority allows it …” is the phrase that heads all the bullfighting posters. A democratic spectacle, popular and massive but also aristocratic and real …

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La Enfermeria

The Infirmary

The place that no bullfighter wants to visit but that everyone ended up visiting. The pain of a goring, tragedies, wounds that explain the greatness of all those who are willing to give their lives to honor, bravery, and the strength of a bull.


Bullfighting Museum

The visit to the museum consists of 3 parts: Its structure is designed to highlight bulls and bullfighters and show a rich collection of works of art. Descriptions of some lights suits and their accessories which belonged to emblematic bullfighters. Explanation of how a bullfighter gets dressed. Room where you will see 6 heads of …

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El paseíllo

El Paseíllo

The bullfighters enter the ring among nerves, fears and admirers. In the door of Cuadrilla, the wait before the paseíllo, where the emotion is lived on the skin. All the bullfighters, matadors, banderilleros, picadores cross the arena in front of the public. His order is not casual and is full of meanings.

Las Terrazas

The Terraces

We go up to the first floor of the bullring. You will discover the architectural details of the monument, its construction, the structure that houses 24,000 people on each show.