Visit a Bull Ranch

visitas a ganaderías

Visits to bull ranchs, a unique experience for bull enthusiasts

Visiting a bull ranch is an essential experience for any lover of bullfighting. With our offers you can now discover this wonderful world, dedicated to the breeding of the brave bull, in several farms very close to Madrid.

What will you learn during your visit? Together with expert breeders you will discover everything that involves the breeding of the bull, the dedication that implies and also, the whole process that entails.

In Las Ventas Tour we offer visits from 2 people to ranchs of Encaste “Santa Coloma” as the beautiful Livestock of San Isidro or Fernando Guzmán; that have the facilities and activities suitable for a day in which to enjoy the bulls is the goal, with lunch or snack on the farm and Jeep ride through the pastures of the bulls and cows.

We also offer visits for groups with snaks and even bullfighting classes, with special vehicles where up to 40 people can sit (Livestock San Isidro).

On the other hand; Livestock Flor de Jara offers a very natural environment, located in the Natural Park of Alto Manzanares, a magical place, where you can learn about the life of the fighting bull in freedom.

All visits are very complete and you could include meals or extra activities. We also have the option of transfer from the bullring of Las Ventas, in Madrid.

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