Discover the first Immersive Room in a bullring

The first Immersive Room in a bullring in Spain arrives at the bullring of Las ventas

The Bullfighting Museum of the bullring of Las Ventas already has a new cultural space: the only Immersive Room that exists in a bullring in Spain.

This Immersive Room is a space that has the latest technology in audiovisual material, where visitors can be transported through images and sounds to different spaces related to the bullfighting world.

Currently there are 8 different projections available to visitors, with different durations, between 1:30 and 3 minutes. Thanks to which, the tourist will be able to know how is the life of the bull in the field in Gavira’s Cádiz livestock or attend a celebration of the bullring of Las Ventas.

The room of 22 square meters is located inside the Bullfighting Museum, which has been possible thanks to an investment of 35000€, included in the improvements carried out by the Government of the Community of Madrid.

In addition, during the tour of Las Ventas you can enjoy new audiovisual media, practice virtual bullfighting and visit the chapel.

Don’t wait any longer and come to discover the first Immersive Room in a bullring in Spain!