Discover a unique exhibition in the world, 
with naturalized bulls from the main Spanish bull breeds.

Don’t miss it!

During your visit to Las Ventas you will have the opportunity to discover the largest exhibition of naturalized fighting bulls, from the main Spanish bull ranches: you will be able to see for yourself the morphology, the types of fur and the antlers of the bulls from the Torrestrella ranches, Cuadri, Miura… among others.

Come with us and enjoy an exclusive visit in the world, and discover the encastes of brave bulls from:

  • ENCASTE CABRERA (MIURA): some tall and long bulls. Its head is long, with large eyes and wide horns. Despite their steer-like appearance, they usually weigh more than 600kg.

  • GAMERO CIVICO ENCASTE (SAMUEL FLORES): They are medium-sized bulls, with great development of jowls and groins.

  • ENCASTE COQUILLA (SANTA COLOMA DE SALAMANCA): Medium-sized bulls and not corpulent, with little face and mostly drooping horns, mostly purple (grey). The bull that represents this encasta is of great size due to being the stallion of the herd, dying at 22 years of age. He was stung by Victorino Martin and tempted by the right-handed Miguel Abellán, becoming part of one of the father stallions of this mating.

  • CUADRI ENCASTE: Cuadri bulls are long, tall with a large frame and weight, with mostly black fur and the antlers are usually dark or gray.

  • ENCASE OF PABLO ROMERO (CASTA GALLARDO): they do not have barely neck or jowls, great body volume and its trunk is wide and cylindrical, the croup is wide. They have one
    very peculiar and unique round line morphology. His hair is usually purple and with abundant curls on the morrillo.

  • ENCASTE JIJÓN (MARTÍNEZ): Rough bull, with wide bones, tall, black rigged due to being the jijón of the line
    Vicente Martínez, head with large horns.

  • ENCASTE TORRESTELLA: Deep and short bulls, with large rags, their heads are wide, their necks
    long and well marked neck.

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Exposición encastes toros bravos

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