At the end of your tour in the bullring, you can visit the bullfighting shop of Las Ventas, where you will find all kinds of souvenirs from your visit to the bullring in Madrid, as well as books and DVDs about bulls and bullfighters and sculptures all types.

Without forgetting the best accessories of Spanish Bullfighting Fashion (such as the cloak fabric or TS costume bracelets, Mira la Marela cloak handbags, bullfight shirts, Toro Watch …), and even authentic costumes. , Capotes and other professional bullfighting accessories.

Our gift shop is open from Monday to Sunday, from 10am to 6pm.

For more information:

Tel: +34 91 046 86 20


You can also visit our online store and comfortably buy your favorite products, which we will send to your address. We make international shipments.

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