Our bullfighting audioguide system allows the visitor to understand perfectly what happens during the bullfighting show. 

In all the festivities of Las Ventas (excluding fairs of San Isidro and Art and Culture), you can enjoy an audioguide service explaining what happens in the arena, available in 5 languages (English, Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese), or a live speech service, available in English, Spanish and French, which will allow you to better understand what happens inside the arena, as well as the details of the place, anecdotes, etc.

Bullfighting Audioguides

It works through a system of recorded tracks that detail the different parts that make up the fight. It contains 26 comments that explain from the type of show, to the thirds in which the fight is divided, through anecdotes and curiosities that will help you fully understand the party. Our staff will explain in advance the functioning of the system, as well as the guidelines and the comment to listen during each part of the run.

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What does the audio guide include?

The audioguide includes 26 tracks with the necessary information to fully understand and enjoy the bullfighting spectacle. The clues will help you understand its development, as well as explain a series of curiosities and anecdotes to make the experience even more satisfying.

Live speech. To understand a bullfight

You no longer have to be an expert to enjoy a bullfight.

We offer our visitors the possibility to understand everything that happens in a bullfight with our ‘Personal Assistant’. A unique system, a pioneer in the market that aims to bring to the less knowledgeable, the ins and outs of the bullfight, with an easy, complete and emotional language. The Personal Assistant is a radio frequency system with a device transmitter of live locutions narrated by experts who know the bullfighting world.

The announcers explain in a direct and impartial way everything that is happening in the bullfighting show. The phrase goes beyond the different parts of the bullfight, stops in all the nuances and curiosities that enhance the greatness of the bullfighting spectacle. The system is available in Spanish, English and French and is ideal for those who come for the first time the bullfighting experience.

If it is the first time you attend a bullfight or want to understand better what happens in the ring and why, do not hesitate and hire our audio guide service or live speech.

Activity available only with prior booking for live speech, for individuals, and groups.

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