New audio guides to know about Las Ventas, more comfortable and lighter

Visit the first bullring in the world and know all its secrets is more comfortable than ever thanks to the implementation of the new audio guides of Las Ventas Tour.

This season, the devices that we deliver to our visitors at the entrance are modern, light and innovative: they are transported comfortably hanging from the neck and audio tracks are activated automatically by sensors in specific areas of the route, allowing you to have your hands free at all times. Only a headset, press a single button … and dream!

And as dreams do not understand borders, thanks to you come to know Las Ventas from all corners of the world, Y como los sueños no entienden de fronteras, gracias a que acudís a conocer Las Ventas desde todos los rincones del mundo, our audioguides are programmed in ten languages: Spanish, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Russian.

Season after season, at Las Ventas Tour we work to improve the visitor experience. We do not want to be told: live the experience with us.