Lea Vicens, An Exceptional Tour Guide



Lea Vicens, born in Nimes (France), is 33 years old and is the first women to reach the top of the equestrian bullfighting (rejoneo) leader board. When she was just 4, her parents gifted her Ourasi, her first pony, which led to her participating in many equestrian contests before she contacted the bullfighting world. She moved to Andalusia to follow her dream and, in 2011, she became a rejoneadora (equestrian bullfighter)A biology graduate from the university of Montpelier, France, Lea Vicens is recognised for her bravery, boldness and elegance, becoming an important figure of rejoneo after just a few years of activity.

This summer, alongside Las Ventas Tour, Lea Vicens accompanied a group of French students from the Sacré Coeur à Saint Brieux school during their visit to the Las Ventas bullring, to see first hand the reactions of the students who were visiting (most of them for the first time) a bullring, as well as to share and transmit the art of equestrian bullfighting to a young audience. Alongside one of our guides, she participated in an enriching experience -both for her and for the students, in which the visitors listened carefully to her explanations of how she faces her fears, trains her horses and how she has gained the respect of the bullfighting world.

Each year, hundreds of students from all around France visit the Las Ventas Tour as part of their school trips. Accompanied by their teachers and our expert guides, they get to explore a new world which, until then was probably completely unknown to them, and it’s our responsibility and pleasure to answer all of their questions about this important culture -which is also a tradition in many parts of their own country.

What better way to experience the Las Ventas Tour than with Lea Vicens?