Flamenco show, an essential if you visit Spain

We tell you why you should see a flamenco show during your trip to Spain

What is flamenco?
Flamenco is an art that unites dance, music and cante, although originally it was singing and dancing. It emerged in Andalusia as a result of the mixture of 4 cultures: Christian, Jewish, Gypsy and Arabic.

The sound of the guitar is characteristic of flamenco that has different styles (flamenco styles) that differ according to the emotional intensity of the artists’ performances and the lyrics of the songs.

All these characteristics of flamenco make it an unparalleled show and the place where you can best enjoy it is flamenco tablao.

What will you see during the show?
Although depending on the tablao, different styles are played that mix singing, dance and music, improvisation is a key element of flamenco.

You can enjoy more dramatic clubs such as the soleá or siguiriya or more festive as the joys. Emotions are expressed through body movements, rhythm, singing, music and improvisation. A show in which it is best to let yourself be carried away by this art of pure emotions.

Where to enjoy a flamenco show in Madrid?

From Las Ventas Tour we offer you a perfect complete activity for your next trip to the capital.

Tour + Flamenco Dinner. An authentic bullfighting and flamenco evening at the Bullring of Las Ventas, the most important in our country.

With this activity you can visit the bullring of Las Ventas with our complete audioguide, the perfect option to discover the square at your own pace and finish with a flamenco dinner in the Alcalá hall, in the square itself, enlivened by the Tablao El Corral de La Pacheca, one of the oldest and most renowned in Madrid.

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