Could you face a fighting bull ?

Holding the muleta, crossing to the opposite horn, passing the bull with derechazos, finishing of with a pase de pecho, and, most importantly, feeling the adrenaline and your blood pumping faster and faster.  Now you can do all of this without becoming a professional bullfighter thanks to our virtual reality bullfighting came, now part of the Las Ventas Tour.

Our visitors can stand in the middle of a small bullring where they use virtual reality glasses and game controls. That’s where the adventure starts: a jet-black fighting bull suddenly appears before them and, at this point, they must use their bullfighting skills to cite the bull and perform passes without being caught. Each time this is done successfully they earn pints, making it even more fun!

This DH, hyperreality simulation is unique and revolutionary: for the first time, a virtual reality simulator gives users the chance to see a bullfight from the perspective of the bullfighter. Although the game is designed for the enjoyment of its users, it also allows visitors to the Las Ventas Tour to understand the experience of the bullfighters who risk their lives in the bullring… but it isn’t as easy as it looks.