The Tour

              Due to a series of improvements in the interior of the bullring, the tour will change its usual route until the month of February, as follows: The tour starts  at the Bullfighting Museum and it will include: Main gate, Chapel, Nursing Corridor, Alley, Ruedo. With an audio guide visit available in 8 languages ​​(Spanish, Italian, English, French, German, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese) recorrido
  1. Puerta Grande: Our tour begins at La Puerta Grande of Las Ventas, the exact place where all matadors dream of leaving their shoulders. At this point we will discover the history of the square, its construction, its plates, the bullfighters who have come to her shoulders and who are dedicated statues that surround it.
  2. The terrace: from the terrace we know all the architectural details that make Las Ventas, the most beautiful square in the world.
  3. The stands: A panoramic view from the stands, that will make you understand the complex development of a bullfight and the impressive range of public and staff that accumulate around the arena. You will see the Royal Box and the Presidency.
  4. Arrastre Gate: The bull after his heroic death is dragged while the audience with applause or whistles judgments on his bravura. In the end his flesh serve to further celebration: dozens of dining varieties are the basis for the most Spanish of all parties.
  5. The ring: Where the important happens. The place facing the bull and the bullfighter. The sand, stained with blood, takes its true role. Blood and Sand. Bull or the bullfighter …
  6. The bull gates: In the corrals the landing of the bulls from the field to take place veterinary examinations occurs. At this point the bull understand and live the last minutes before facing his destino.Su ability to fight to the death, paradoxically, it is the only thing that can now save your life.
  7. Puerta de Cuadrillas & parade: The door where the bullfighters come to the square between nerves, fears and admirers, before visiting the chapel to pray for help and protection. The most intimate and ways of life of a matador moments. All toreros, matadors, Banderilleros, choppers cross the sand to public view. Your order is not accidental and is full of meanings. At this point we discover the meaning of the bullfights.
  8. Toro bravo: The king of the party, is created in exceptional conditions in the countryside.
  9. Infirmary: The place that no bullfighter want to visit but we all end up visiting. Gored pain, tragedy, wounds that explain the greatness of all who are willing to give their lives to honor the bravery and strength of a bull.
  10. Chapel: Corner of religious worship for the privacy of the bullfighters.
  11. 12. 13. The taurine museum of madrid: Its structure is raised to highlight bulls and bullfighters and display a rich collection of artworks.