Bullfights at Las Ventas

The Plaza de Toros of Las Ventas is considered the most important bullring in the world, the Mecca of bullfighting,  the arena where all matadors want to succeed.

It is also the most demanding audience in the world, and few bullfighters reach the absolute triumph, the exit through the Puerta Grande of Madrid: less than 100 bullfighters since it opened in 1931.

Las Ventas is a seasonal bullring, in which bullfights begin at the end ofMarch and end in October, normally on Sundays.

The most important bullfighting festival of the world is the Feria de San Isidro, patron of the city of Madrid, which takes place in May, with about 30 festivities.

For more information on times and prices of bullfights, please visit the website www.las-ventas.com